Audit Scotland on the NHS

Click to access nr_141030_nhs_finances.pdf

Last October, Audit Scotland published a report on the NHS in Scotland which contained some serious messages.  As the press release summarised it:

NHS boards are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with growing pressures, which will considerably test their ability to deliver a national policy to move more services into the community by 2020. All health boards met their financial targets in 2013/14, but several needed additional funding from the Scottish Government or
relied on non-recurring savings.
NHS boards’ revenue budgets increased by just over one per cent in real terms in 2013/14, and smaller real terms increases are planned from2014/15 onwards.

The report received some press attention at the time and the Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee took some account of it, in looking at the 2015-16 budget proposals, but produced a pretty anondyne final report.  It’s available here:

It deserved – and still does – a lot more attention.


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