Love and Garbage on public funding for football club buy-outs

Love and Garbage appears to be only place reporting a recent development in the Scottish Parliament, in which the SNP, Labour and Conservatives  (Lib Dems not on the relevant committee) supported a Green Party amendment to a bill, which would empower the Scottish government to use public money fund supporters groups to buy out football clubs.

The whole analysis on the site deserves worth reading, but as the author says

The notion that a group can be given money by the state to buy shares in a football club, seems bizarre….what are we to make of this section being passed by a committee with all party support, and not even a word to suggest that state money being used to buy shares in a football club might be a bit odd? …. surely a legislature scrutinising legislation, exercising the special expertise the Holyrood committee structure was meant to give, should be asking the questions, testing the provisions, considering their implications, bottoming out what the policy underlying the proposed rules actually means. Is that too much to ask?


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